5 Easy Tips for your next batch of cupcakes!

Follow the Recipe. Well, duh. ...

Just kidding!

Here are a few fun tips that will guarantee your cupcakes are moist and tasty!

1. If a recipe calls for room temperature ingredients, use room temperature ingredients to make your tasty treats!

2. Using a higher quality and grease-proof cupcake liner so your cupcakes don't stick to the sides.

3. When filling your liners, use the rule of 2/3 full (about 3 Tablespoons) to allow for the perfect height.

4. Always use an oven thermometer. Unless you have a brand new or regularly calibrated oven, your temperature is most likely inaccurate. When you set your oven to 300°F, it might not really be 300°F. It could be off by a little or a lot and you wouldn't even know~ and this is a huge problem for baked treats!

5. This sounds like a no-brainer, but always allow your cupcakes to cool completely. Decorating cupcakes before they are completely cool is a recipe for disaster. Let them cool for at least 10 minutes inside the cupcake pan. Then remove them from the pan and put your cupcakes in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

Well that's it for now! Please visit my blog again soon for more fun baking tips, and don't forget to watch The Kids Baking Championship on the Food Network each week, where I try and win the $25k grand prize! Have a great day :) ~Liam

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