Why Affirmations Matter 

Affirmation refers to the practice of positive thinking & self-empowerment.

It involves creating a new inspired belief through a positive mental attitude. The power of affirmations lies in the ability to transform your external world by first changing your internal mind.

Some of the proven benefits include the following….

  • Research on affirmations shows that when you’re stressed,  positive thoughts can help calm the mind and reduce your stress.

  • Affirmations inspire people and make you more "aware" of your ability to change your thought processes. Awareness makes you more likely to challenge the not so positive thoughts as they arise. It also makes you more of a critical thinker, which can make you better at knowing what you really want in life.

  • Affirmations reconnect you with happy feelings and enhances your perspective on good things in your life, boosting ones positive state of mind.

  • Research indicates that optimistic people tend to have better cardiovascular health~ So if positive affirmations make you more confident, hopeful or happy, they can even help you to live a healthier life !

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"My mission is to help cultivate positive conversations at coffee houses, businesses, health clubs and homes. Lets create a friendlier, loving, positive & inspiring environment with our neighbors, customers, clients and friends around the world~ Drink up my friends!"

Jenn Santana

Creator & Founder of  Affirmation Coffee Lids™