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 AFFIRMATION LIDS hope you love our innovative creations as much as we do. Our lids are positive, uplifting & inspirational.

Our mission is to help put a smile on your face,  ignite an empowering thought or possibly an inspiration in the heart.

Our company believes it's time for communities to put energy into daily kindness & thoughtfulness to those we know, and those we don't...  so lets just do it.  Life is short.... its up to you to make it sweet!

Cheers, Jenn Santana

Creator & Innovator of  "The Feel Good Lid"

Affirmation Coffee Lids


All coffee lovers know the amazing benefits we get with our morning bean experience. The ambiance of our favorite coffee house, a caffeine boost when we need it most, the heavenly aroma.... Most of us can't start our day without it. Why do we enjoy this feeling so much? It's makes us HAPPY!

As an avid coffee drinker, a previous owner of coffee houses and health and & wellness studios, I felt a desire to add a contemporary fun coffee  lid for coffee drinkers, one that will make your morning fun while encouraging more happiness in the world.

My passion for  mind/body & coffee has come together to create AFFIRMATION COFFEE LIDS™.

Located in: Redondo Beach, Ca, 90277

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  • Affirmation Lids

"Spreading Happiness One Sip at a Time"